Intelligent Traffic Management for Finnish railways

About Fintraffic

Fintraffic controls and manages traffic on the land, in the air and at sea. It provides traffic information that helps companies to create new traffic and smart mobility solutions for people and goods.

Intelligent traffic control and management services, up-to-date real-time traffic information and the competence of the company's 1,100 professionals improve the safety and smoothness of traffic and help reduce emissions. Fintraffic promotes sustainable traffic.

General information

Railway traffic is a unique case amongst the modes of transportation. A single train can't move on tracks unless it has track capacity, schedule and traffic controller has given it a permission to move and made a safe route for it.

Around 500 000 train journeys are completed in Finland every year. All of this traffic is managed and controlled 24/7 by Fintraffic Railway. Fintraffic currently employs around 300 railway traffic controllers.

These 300 traffic controllers currently can use over a dozen of different digital tools in their shifts to manage this traffic. These tools are not very consistent in their user experience and traffic controllers often need to combine information from different systems manually.

Railway Traffic Management is currently very reactionary and individual focused work, but Fintraffic is on a road to change that. Fintraffic Railway's strategy includes an objective to increase the grade of automation in railway traffic and provide more intelligent railway traffic services and solutions, which means ever increasing significance of the seamless integration and user experience between different systems and applications.

My contribution

In my role as a UX manager and UX lead I'm executing the company strategy and vision of a dynamic traffic management by unifying and creating a universal user experience across all of Finnish Railway Traffic Management Systems and Applications.

I'm responsible for managing and developing the user experience of almost 20 different mission and safety critical Railway Traffic Management Systems and Applications and I'm on a mission to build an integrated, modular Railway Traffic Management System UI for Finnish railways.

This work includes a lot of DesignOps work, such as:

  • overseeing and guiding the work of our UX consultants
  • maximizing the area and impact of design in Fintraffic
  • raising the UX maturity of our whole organization by driving human-centric development practices
  • developing unified UX across Fintraffic by introducing a joint Design System for all modes of transportation to use

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