KUPLA - a critical tool for challenging environments

About Fintraffic

Fintraffic controls and manages traffic on the land, in the air and at sea. It provides traffic information that helps companies to create new traffic and smart mobility solutions for people and goods.

Intelligent traffic control and management services, up-to-date real-time traffic information and the competence of the company's 1,100 professionals improve the safety and smoothness of traffic and help reduce emissions. Fintraffic promotes sustainable traffic.

General information about the project

KUPLA (Kuljettajan päätelaite) is a mission & safety critical train driver's tablet application that every train driver must use before and during their scheduled driving missions. It enables electronic communication between the train driver and traffic control.

KUPLA is globally unique digital solution to a problem most of the world is still solving in analogue ways.

It is used in varying difficult and challenging environments where bad usability and user experience accompanied by other human factors could in worst case lead to a fatal disaster. Driver needs to be able to receive and process information in any given situation quickly and without delay.

KUPLA delivers critical information the driver needs to carry out their driving mission. This information can be available before the driving mission or arrive during it. This includes information such as:

  • All the commercial stops the train has
  • Any temporary speed restrictions on the route and where they are
  • Other restrictions during the journey

My contribution

I worked as a lead designer in KUPLA team from 2020 to 2021 and helped design and implement some of the users' most wanted features in to the app.

I worked as part of KUPLA's agile development team and worked closely with KUPLA users and other stakeholders to deliver well-thought-out features that went through rigorous change and risk assessment and management processes.

I drove to modernize the UI and UX of the core features of the app and I'm still overseeing that work being done.

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